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Laura Lady, Founder and CEO

I love to cook because I love to eat. I have a soft spot for fried foods – basically anything with a crunchy bite and tender interior. Dusted (okay, encrusted) in salt or sugar. I’m very open-minded.

Anyone who enjoys fried foods enough to try frying at home, knows a universal truth: FRYING IS MESSY.

Getting rid of used oil usually involves paper towels, plastic bags, jars and jugs, and most of us have even resorted to pouring oil down the drain.

I asked my favorite search engine “how to properly dispose of used cooking oil” and was horrified to learn how much oil ends up where it shouldn’t, in our plumbing. Oil that high fives other waste products along the way, creating huge FATBERGS and causing major disruptions in our sewer pipes and to our environment.

And thusly, FryAway was born. A plant-based, non-toxic powder that magically transforms used cooking oil into solid organic waste, so that it can easily be tossed in your household trash.

At FryAway, we are thrilled to make the frying as enjoyable as the eating and we're proud to contribute to a planet-friendly frying culture.

Fry Better. FryAway.


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