How to Properly Dispose of Used Cooking Oil?

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When it comes to food, cooking oil is the liquid gold that can make anything taste absolutely scrumptious. Who can say no to the food wonders whipped up with a splash of oil?

But cooking oil, as wonderful as it is for cooking, needs conscious thought for its disposal. Hot oil is a 100% safety hazard, so its proper disposal is crucial to avoid any mishaps.

And although it may seem easy to just pour it down your sink or drain, this practice is a complete no-no because once the oil solidifies, you will be up against an oily and stubborn blockage. It is thus vital to dispose of your used cooking oil the right way.

Ways to Dispose of Used Cooking Oil

You may already be practicing some of these methods, while others may be entirely new to you. Let’s explore some responsible ways of how to get rid of used cooking oil.

Wipe It Down

Paper towels siting next to frying pan and bottle of oil


When sautéing or stir frying, you may have a small amount of leftover cooking oil, but it's still important to dispose of it properly.

Wait for the oil to cool down completely. Once cooled, you can use paper towels to wipe up the small amount of grease on your cookware.

You can dispose of the paper towels with your regular garbage and clean your cookware like you normally would.

Pour in a One-use Container

Bottle of used cooking oil and blue funnel


You just deep fried a batch of crunchy deliciousness, and now you've got a pot full of oil to deal with.

If we’re talking about a large amount of used cooking oil, then it's especially important that it not be poured down the drain or toilet.

One way to dispose of it is to allow it to cool down and then transfer it to a container, like an old bottle or jar. Make sure you have a tight lid on the container before putting it in your garbage bin to prevent messy leaks.

While this method is tried and true, it has its drawbacks. You need a funnel or a very steady hand to avoid spilling oil all over your kitchen counter. Tossing away the oil in a cooking oil storage container is also a lost opportunity for that jar that could have had a more fulfilling life.

Dispose of it With Other Materials

Cat sitting next to blue bin filled with cat litter


Another option to dispose of your used cooking oil is to mix it with other absorbent materials. If you’re throwing away sawdust, sand, cat litter, and old clothes, you can let these materials soak up the oil. This reduces the risk of any leaks because you have a layer of padding for the oil.

If you are planning to go this route, make sure that the amount of oil you’re disposing of is proportional to the materials that absorb it, and that you leave some kitty litter for said kitty, otherwise you'll still have a messy task at hand.

Throwing Oil Outside

Green leaves with swirls of of oily water


This is not recommended for excess amounts of oil as it could attract rodents and insects and might even generate a foul smell.

Better for the Environment

These methods of disposing of your used cooking oil can be effective, but they are not entirely environmentally-friendly. Besides being a hazard to the environment, they can also create an unwanted mess.

So here are other recommendations on disposing of used oil that will get Mother Nature’s nod of approval.

Recycling Oil

Reusing oil might have its cons, but it would be a waste to throw away a gallon of oil after a single instance of deep-frying chicken wings.

You can strain the oil using a sieve and use it for your next frying session. Cooking oil may be safely used a few times, but if the oil has become foamy, dark, and has an odd smell, it is time to toss it.

Also keep in mind that oil can take on the flavor of the foods cooked in it, so you may not want to fry up today's doughnuts In yesterday's fish fry oil!

FryAway solidified oil being scooped out of a stainless steel pan

Using FryAway‚ĄĘ

FryAway offers an innovative option to dispose of used cooking oil that is both safe and environmentally-friendly.

FryAway is a non-toxic and plant-based powder that magically transforms used cooking oil into solid organic waste in 3 easy steps. Simply Sprinkle, Cool down and Toss your used oil in the trash. It is a game-changer when it comes to cleaning up and getting rid of leftover cooking oil. 

FryAway makes indulging in fried foods a guiltless pleasure. Thanks to our innovative product, you can enjoy your golden fried delicacies knowing that mess-free cleanup is just a sprinkle away. 


The amount of oil required to achieve that fried goodness usually calls for messy cleanup and responsible disposal.

If you don’t want to reuse the oil, you can adopt any one of the methods suggested.

Of course, we're biased. FryAway is the best option ‚ÄĒ a cooking oil hardener that provides the most convenient and¬†eco-friendly¬†way to discard¬†cooking¬†oil so you can focus on the meal and not the mess.

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