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The $13 Secret to Cleaning Up Excess Cooking Oil

If you're wondering what to do with oil after frying food, consider trying out this cooking oil solidifier from Fryaway. Made from plant-derived fats, the powder safely and effectively solidifies cooking oil right in your pan, so you can easily shovel it directly in the trash—no mystery freezer container necessary.

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FryAway Turns Your Used Cooking Oil Into a Disposable Solid

The alternative method for getting rid of cooking oil—pouring it into a plastic container or glass jar, waiting for it to congeal, and then throwing it away—isn’t perfect, either, as it relegates a recyclable container to a landfill.

FryAway offers another solution. The plant-based powder transforms liquid oil into a solid that can be scooped out of the pan or fryer and thrown away.

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Is FryAway the answer to pesky leftover bacon grease?

I tested two plant-based powders designed to turn cooking oil into a solid mass for disposal.

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A new product solidifies cooking oil, so that it can be easily disposed of without clogging drains

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'FryAway' Offers an Alternative Way to Dispose of Cooking Oil

Laura Lady sought to find a way to save the kitchen pipes of the world from being clogged by solidified cooking oil, and the solution is known as 'FryAway.' With the tagline 'Fry Better. FryAway,' this product allows consumers to solidify cooking oil to make it easy to dispose of properly.

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The Best Kitchen Gear We Bought in 2021

No awkward funneling of used oil into plastic bottles and deli containers. No mess. No fuss. This is a game-changer for at-home frying.

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