The Most Eco-friendly Cooking Oil Disposal Technique

Hey there, fellow fryers! Do you dread the mess and fuss that results from disposing of used oil after cooking?   

Do you feel guilty pouring it down the drain? Are you worried about hygiene when trying to store or move the oil?   

Well, worry no more! Meet the innovative, eco-friendly, and safe way to dispose of your leftover cooking oil. No more mess, no more guilt. Let's dive into this game-changing solution. 

Time to Stop Old Oil Disposal Ways 

Let's talk about cooking oil. Take New York City and its 8.6 million residents. Plus, the 65+ million tourists that visit each year, and the infrastructure is needed to support a population that size.  

What happens when just a fraction of that population does the inevitable -- pouring oil down the drain? 

New York City spends close to $19 million every year to clear sewers of grease and other waste that shouldn't be there and to fix the damages caused by these harmful substances.   

When costs go up, so do everyone’s utility bills. You can read more about this in the NYC Environmental Protection Article. 

So, pouring oil down the drain is a big no-no. It isn't good for our world or our wallets, and it is critical that we change how we dispose of old cooking oil. 

How To Safely Dispose of Cooking Oil? 

City agencies warn not to pour oil down the drain. The easiest and most ecological way is to use a cooking oil solidifier, like FryAway 

1. Sprinkle and Stir FryAway  

After cookingsprinkle FryAway powder into the oil and stir well until fully dissolved. It’s important that this is done while the oil is still hot. 

2. Wait For It to Cool Down 

Let the mixture cool. FryAway will work its magic, turning the oil into a solid mass as it cools down. 

 3. Scoop and Dispose 

Once solidified, scoop the solid oil out of the pan and throw it away in the trash. That's it! 

Why Is FryAway Oil Solidifier the Best Choice? 

Our innovative oil disposal method is a leap towards sustainable living. Here's why choosing our product is the best decision for your kitchen and the environment: 

1. Green and Clean 

FryAway is made from 100% natural stuff. It's all plants! Using it means you're helping our planet. You're keeping it clean and green. 

2. So Easy 

You don't need to be an expert. Just do what the packet says. It's easy and clean. No mess, no stress. 

3. Saves Money 

Using FryAway means you spend less later. No more big bills for fixing pipes or cleaning sewers. It stops those oil clogs before they start. 

4. For Everyone 

Whether you deep fry, oil poach, or pan fry, FryAway works for you. We have different products depending on the amount of oil you need to discard. Want to see? Check out our products here. 

Let’s Say Bye-Bye to the Challenge in Disposing of Oil  

Now you know how to get rid of fryer oil easily. Ready to revolutionize your kitchen cleanup? Try FryAway today.  

Share this blog with cook buddies and family to spread the word about safe and effective oil disposal. Together, we can make a difference, one kitchen at a time. 

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