FryAway is Magic for Food Service Providers

Do you work with food trucks, restaurants, or catering? Then you will know about the problem of leftover frying oil. It's a big part of the job. But getting rid of oil the right way is hard.

Discarding oil incorrectly is harmful to our environment. We all know it's a problem, and finding convenient solutions is tough. 

Introducing FryAway! It's made for you—the chefs, caterers, and vendors that pour your hearts and souls into your culinary craft. FryAway turns used oil into a solid, making it easy to clean up leftover oil after a long day of prepping and cooking.  

FryAway makes it easy to do the right thing. It keeps your kitchen clean and the Earth happy. Let's see how FryAway can improve your life. 

The Problems with Leftover Cooking Oil in Food Service 

Making scrumptious eats is your daily calling. But, there's a big task afterward: dealing with the leftover cooking oil. It's important for your work, our Earth, and everyone’s health. 

 1. Bad for Earth 

Just one gallon of oil can pollute a million gallons of water. This is terrible for fish and aquatic plants. (EPA) 

2. Sewer Trouble 

Cities spend a lot of resources to clear fatbergs from sewers. These are big obstructions made up of fats and oils and grease (FOGs). The City of London spends about £1 million every month to clear these masses. 

3. Slippery Floors 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that slips and falls make up the majority of general industry accidents, with greasy floors being a common culprit in kitchens. 

Why Does Proper Disposal of Post-Cooking Oil Matter? 

Disposing of used cooking oil the right way is important. It keeps the Earth safe and makes your job easier, here's why: 

1. Costly Consequences 

Not disposing of oil correctly can lead to big fines and costly pipe repairs. Fixing clogged pipes can cost between $200 to $600. 

2. Customer Preferences 

A Nielsen study found that 81% of people worldwide want companies to be eco-friendly. Your waste handling can affect how customers see you. 

3. Operational Efficiency 

Handling used oil well means less cleaning time. This lets you focus on cooking great food. 

Introducing FryAway: A Revolutionary Solution 

FryAway, your new innovative companion in the kitchen! This amazing product is changing the game for everyone.  

What is FryAway? 

FryAway is a 100% plant-based, non-toxic powder that turns hot, liquid cooking oil into a solid within minutes.  

Once solidified, the oil can be easily scooped out and thrown away in the trash. It's safe, simple, and environmentally friendly. No more dumping oil down the drain or dealing with unsanitary disposal techniques! 

Tip: Choose FryAway Super Fry 

The FryAway Super Fry product is perfect for those heavy-duty frying sessions. Whether you're running a busy restaurant kitchen or catering a large event. Our best value, Super Fry, comes with a convenient scoop for easy measuring, for 20 uses! 

4 Major Benefits of FryAway for Food Service Providers 

Here are four key advantages that make FryAway an essential addition to any kitchen focused on sustainability, safety, and operational efficiency.

1. Eco-Friendly Disposal 

FryAway offers an environmentally responsible way to dispose of cooking oil, preventing environmental pollution and the formation of fatbergs.

2. Operational Efficiency  

The simplicity of FryAway's process—sprinkle and stir, cool, and toss—saves time and reduces the mess involved in oil disposal.

3. Cost Savings 

By simplifying waste management and reducing the potential need for plumbing repairs, FryAway can lead to significant cost savings. 

4. Safety 

Enhancing workplace safety, FryAway minimizes the risk of spills and injuries associated with handling hot oil.

Wrapping Up! 

FryAway is changing how kitchens get rid of used cooking oil. It's safe, easy, and good for the Earth. FryAway helps with the big problem of oil waste. It's a smart choice for any kitchen that prioritizes safety and environmental responsibility. 

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